This privacy policy applies to the use of the EOlife Connect application. It outlines the principles and procedures for the collection and processing of personal data.


Personal data is an information related to a real person which enables to identify him/her directly or indirectly.


ARCHEON is particularly sensitive about the security and confidentiality of the personal data collected via EOlife Connect application.




S.A.S ARCHEON, with a share capital of €286,690, registered with the RCS of Besançon under number 835 009 465, and whose head office is located at 2 Chemin des Aiguillettes in Besançon (25000), intervenes in the collection of data by determining the information that must and can be collected by the User via the application. It is, therefore, a joint data controller.


For any questions about the privacy policy regarding personal data, you can contact ARCHEON:


• By phone: 03 81 66 23 80

• By email:


You, as a user of the application, are jointly responsible. Indeed, you collect the data and process it using the tools provided by the EOlife Connect application.


You are in direct contact, unlike ARCHEON, with the natural persons whose personal data will be entered.


It is therefore your responsibility to get the permission of these persons concerning  the collection and treatment of their data, and inform them about their rights to access the modification or deleting of these data.




When downloading the application, ARCHEON does not obtain any data.


The use of the application does not require any personal information from the user.


However, to use all the features of the application, including monitoring the performance of person’s performing ventilations, the first and the last name of these persons must be entered.


You can also add the following information about the person performing the ventilation :

• Age,

• Gender,

• Profession,

• Work place,

• Number of years of experience.


When ventilation is performed on a real person, the height can be indicated. ARCHEON draws your attention to the fact that you cannot mention any other information concerning the patient on whom the ventilation is performed.





The aforementioned data is stored locally, on the electronic media you use.


ARCHEON participates in the collection by determining the information that can be entered. However, ARCHEON neither has an access  to this data, nor treats it.

The application is designed to allow you to analyze and interpret the data collected by the EOlife X device, providing you with graphical and performance tracking tools.


EOlife Connect is only an interface facilitating the interpretation and analysis of data, and therefore the progress of the persons performing the ventilation.


You are solely responsible for the use and interpretation made of this data, as ARCHEON does not have access to it.




ARCHEON cannot disclose any data as it does not have access to it.




The operation and use of the Application do not require any cookies.




Personal data is only stored on the electronic media on which it is locally recorded.


The EOlife X device stores up to ten (10) hours of ventilation data.


ARCHEON informs you that after this period of use, no new data will be collected by the device, and therefore recommends transferring this data to your local server after each use.




In accordance with legal and regulatory provisions, you have the right to access data concerning you.


As a user, no personal data concerning you is collected.


As a person performing ventilation, data concerning you is collected through the EOlife Connect application by the user.


You can consult, modify, request their transmission, or their deletion.


ARCHEON does not have access to it, does not store it, or treats it. Therefore, to exercise your rights regarding this data, we recommend that you contact the user of the application.


Updated on March 05, 2024

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