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I was surprised to see how poorly we were ventilating without EOlife

Expert Testimony by Jevon Tomaschko, Chief of Operations, EMT-P, Brighton Volunteer Ambulance, NY.

In the high-stakes world of CPR, ventilation precision is critical to improve survival and neurological outcomes. Jevon Tomaschko, Chief of Operations, EMT-P at Brighton Volunteer Ambulance in New York, emphasizes the game-changing impact of the EOlife X on manual ventilation training.


“The introduction of the EOlife X has significantly improved our training,” says Jevon Tomaschko. Before using this device, Jevon and his team believed they were providing adequate ventilation. “I was surprised to see how poorly we were ventilating without it” he admits. The device revealed shortcomings in their approach, including delivering inadequate volumes of air: “We were providing too little volume and too quickly, which over time would have caused hypoxia, hypercarbia, and acidosis in our patients.”


EOlife X is more than just a training tool; it’s a lifesaver, revolutionizing how emergency teams approach ventilation. By bridging the gap between perceived and actual performance, it ensures that every breath counts, ultimately saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

The ultimate medical device for high-performance manual ventilation.

Measure and adjust in real-time the quality of your manual ventilation. Medical device designed for the manual ventilation of adult patients in cardiopulmonary arrest.

The ultimate training tool for high-performance manual ventilation.

Record your training sessions. Analyze your ventilation cycles. Improve your manual ventilation practice.


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