EOLife X now available for pediatric ventilation

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« The EOLife X makes attaining safe and effective ventilation of pediatric patients achievable and sustainable. »

Archeon announces the launch of the new pediatric ventilation feature for EOlife X, the ultimate training device for high-performance ventilation. This new feature offers a unique way for EMS instructors, students and other healthcare professionals to train for pediatric ventilation in cardiac arrest.

EOlife X is the ultimate training tool that offers to measure both pediatric and adult ventilatory parameters with real-time feedback on the quality of the manual ventilation. Healthcare providers are often ill-prepared to provide adequate care in pediatric CPR as they have less experience . Yet pediatric cardiac arrests account for approximately 20,000 deaths a year in the US .

Since its creation, Archeon is driven by innovation and has now chosen to address the specific issue of pediatric ventilation training in CPR. Indeed, training for pediatric ventilation is crucial as it differs from adult CPR. When it comes to children, oxygen consumption is doubled compared to adults, which makes efficient manual ventilation a priority . The risks of hyperventilation are higher as infants have extremely small tidal volume and the leakage management is even more challenging .

With EOlife X, EMS providers will now be able to train for both adult and pediatric ventilation. The EOlife X which connects to any BVM, teaches the first responders and clinicians how to provide an oxygen volume adapted and how to manage leakage around the seal of a mask. This new function, dedicated to all patients over one year old, defines target ventilation parameters according to six age categories according to the patient’s size. The color code is based on the Broselow pediatric emergency tape.

Dr Joseph Finney, Director of Emergency Medical Services Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. who participated in the testing and validation of the pediatric feature of EOlife X:
“The EOLife X makes attaining safe and effective ventilation of pediatric patients achievable and sustainable. Ventilation of a child without a feedback device, even with training, has been shown to result in dangerous hyperventilation. Manual ventilation of a child is one of the most important lifesaving interventions. Performing it correctly with the best available equipment must be the priority.”

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