Are manual ventilation trainees correctly evaluated by instructors ?

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Manual ventilation training is essential to maximize the survival rate of patient in cardiopulmonary arrest. Participants must therefore be correctly evaluated.

In a recent study, Fausto d’Agostino and al. focused on the evaluation of the manual ventilation skills from 20 healthcare professionals, just after attending a CPR ventilation course. They compared the final evaluation scores given by the instructors and by EOlife®.


The results are unquestionable : instructors overestimate trainees ventilation skills.

According to the instructors, 100% of the participants were ventilating in the target, both in 30:2 and continuous mode.According to EOlife®, only 45% of the attendees were able to deliver a correct ventilation rate in 30:2, falling to 5% in continuous mode.


The results are even worst when it comes to tidal volume, with a 5% success rate in 30:2, and 10% in continuous mode.


The conclusion of the article is clear : devices like EOlife® are available, and their use during the courses should be encouraged, rather than rely on subjective perceptions.



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